Commercially Implemented Software Projects

Since my study in 3rd year of undergraduate, I took part in several software developments and research in related fields. Software developed includes Asiatic Accounts Manager, Patient Management System, Store management system, Rupantor, etc. They are now in use in 8 companies in Bangladesh and 4 companies in England, USA, Mexico, and Italy.

I took part in different phases of a software development process and worked with teams both in home and abroad. I am used to understand software requirements described by UML and other tools like ER diagram and use cases. In all of my software development works, I focused on the software engineering methodologies, design patterns and practices. I tried to study sound design principles, and followed them.

Here is the description of some notable software projects done by I took part of.

Asiatic Accounts Manager

I along with four other developers made a fully customizable Planning, Billing, Accounting and MIS software for Asiatic group. Special features included user wise functionality assignment, tracking of users every action, attractive and easy to use user interface. Now in use at: Asiatic Mindshare Ltd (Unilever Bangladesh), Asiatic Mindshare Ltd (NUBL), Asiatic Marketing Communications Ltd, Media Consultant Ltd (MAXUS) Media Edge.

[Visual C#.NET 2.0, Infragistics framework for .NET 2.0, Oracle 9i, Crystal Reports 10]

Rupantor (Transformation [English])

A video conversion software named “Rupantor” with advanced video settings reconfigurability for Hikvision H.264 encoded video. We made it according to the specifications of Ryans Archive. They had their unique functional requirements not present in regular video editing software. Video quality can be set up to any bit rate from 10-700 kbps and 1-30 frame/second.

[Visual C++, MFC, DirectX 9.0a, Windows Media Format 9.5]

Patient Management System

A software to enter, manage and maintain the patient’s personal and medication information. It has been used by Dr. Zaheer Al Amin and Dr. Iftekhar Rashid in the company Zaheer ENT Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It has the following features: Multi language (Bangla, English) support, intelligent auto-complete entry system, graphical analysis reports, networked/single mode.

[Visual C#.NET 2.0, Infragistics framework for .NET 2.0, SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports 10]

Our Team

I enjoyed our teamwork so much, specially with my friend Tamal Saha!


Hasan Shahid Ferdous


Tamal Saha


Nahian Abdullah


Zuberul Islam


Mahmudul Alam